Bonanza Slot Review

When you hear the words Bonanza, it’s easy to think about that cowboy series that were aired a long time ago. One of the most beloved series of all time some peoples say. But, Bonanza slot machine has a theme that has more to do with the expression; Bonanza. Bonanza means gold mine or something that is very profitable. And this slot machine can surely make you cry out Bonanza when play at a mobile casino!

Aleister Crow
10/17 2018
4/10 2019

Facts about the slot

The game is created by Big Time Gaming and introduces a new way of thinking when it comes to how slots can be designed. Bonanza slot machine is very entertaining, and there are a variety of ways to win. In total there are 117649 winning combinations which are entirely unique and makes the base game itself, exciting. The game is built around six spinning reels, and on each individual reel, there can be two to seven symbols depending on the size. It is this that in itself creates all the different winning combinations. You win when multiple symbols appear in a row on the different reels. 

It doesn't matter where on the reels the symbols are for it to be a winning combination. Purely graphically, the game is elegant which makes it beautiful to play. The game takes place in a type of mine. Most symbols and even the music feel associated with mine and everything that correlates with digging for valuable things in the ground.

Paylines and symbols

The lowest paying symbols are the classic deck symbols A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. There are also four different gems or jewels in the colors of green, blue, red and a purple. It is the purple stone that pays most out of the primary symbols. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols and consists of a bundle of dynamite. There are also scatter symbols in the form of letters G, O, L and D. These are the ones you have to get to win free spins. In the free spin mode, there is also the free spin scatter, and these look like traditional trolleys used in mines. With these, you can win additional free spins.

Bonus games and free spins

Above the six spinning reels, there are four wagons with symbols in them. These are straight above wheels, two, three, four and five. At each spin, the symbol that is in this squad is added to the wheel that is underneath. This increases the winning chance and is a fun detail of the game. Each winning combination, in turn, has a reaction and is replaced with symbols that come from above the wheel and also from the right of the wagons above the reels. This way you can win over and over again on the same spin. The game's "Megaways" win system itself can be considered a unique feature as there are vast numbers of ways to hit a winning combination. The symbols should appear anywhere on the reels or on the wagons above from left to right to win. 

Free Spins

To win free spins in Bonanza slot, you need four scatter symbols. These give you the full 12 free spins. Additional scatters gives five extra free spins. Throughout the free spins mode, you have the opportunity to win more free spins through these special scatters that appear in the four wagons above the reels. These are filled with gold bars, and if you get three of these, this generates five extra free spins. If you get four scatters, you get 10 additional free spins.

Mobile play

Big time Gaming has created Bonanza so that it can be played on all different platforms. This is common as the vast majority of players want to be able to play various casino games directly on their mobile or tablet. The entire game of Bonanza works well on mobile, and you don't miss out on any special features or other things because you choose to play on our smartphone. Many times the game is experienced better in mobile play than on a computer. This is mainly because the graphics in the game are neat, which works better on a sharp screen on mobile. 


Return to player is a concept that describes how much of the wagered money is paid back to players in the form of winnings. Bonanza has a very high payout percentage and will give you back all 96% of the money that is bet on the machine. It must be considered quite generous to retain only 4% since the game is very well made and entertaining. The bigger payouts come in the free spin mode, and this is where you notice that the game brings back a lot of the wagered money. Try it at a new casino now. Bonanza!